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Left Brain Functions

Left Brain Functions

Our brain is divided into two halves or hemispheres, each of which has certain functions allotted to it. In this article, we will stress on the left brain, whilst emphasizing on its characteristics and functions.
Abhijit Naik
The brain is no doubt one of the most remarkable organs of the human anatomy. Being a key component of the nervous system, it commands the various functions of the body. The human brain is divided into two hemispheres: the right brain and left brain, and each side is assigned particular functions.

Normally, the left brain commands the functions of the right side of the body and right brain commands the functions of the left side. While left brain functions include reading, analyzing information, understanding languages, etc., right brain functions include imaging, doing gestures to express feelings, etc.

Left Brain Characteristics and Functions

Individuals with a dominant left brain are considered relatively more intelligent than individuals with a dominant right brain. Their approach is analytical, sequential, logical, objective, and rational, as a result of which they get into the details of the subject, analyze it, and come to a rational conclusion. In contrast, right-brained people just grasp the subject halfheartedly, as their attention always lingers on 'how' things are happening, instead of 'what' things are happening. While left-brained people rely more on verbal aspect of the subject, their right-brained counterparts rely more on the visual aspect.

Like we said earlier, the right side of our body is wired to the left brain, while the left side of our body is wired to the right brain. It means our right hand is commanded by the left hemisphere of our brain, while our left hand is commanded by the right hemisphere of the brain. Similarly, our right eye is guided by the left brain, and the left eye by the right brain.

Words and language are given utmost importance by the left side of the human brain. It excels in analytical subjects such as math and science. Owing to its brilliant ability to comprehend various subjects, it has a crucial role to play when it comes to learning new things. As it is sequential, it facilitates order perception with immense ease. One of the most important functions of the left brain is to form strategies using analytical and logical skills.

People with left brain domination use logic whenever they intend to solve any problem. Being detail oriented does help them to a great deal, as these people get to the root of the issue before coming to a conclusion or decision. They tend to relate their past with the present in order to ensure that the present is smooth sail. These people believe that knowing new things is always useful and hence, they thrive for knowledge. The reality-based nature of people with left brain makes them practical in life. These people are hardly seen taking risks. They play safe, plan things, and then execute them.

Damage to the Left Brain

Damage to either side of brain can lead to adverse effects on the individual's body. Considering that the right part of the body is commanded by left brain, any damage caused to it shows in the form of adverse effects on the right side of the body. Nervous system and immune system are related to each other and hence, any damage caused to either of them, reflects on the other parts of human anatomy. Even studies stress on the basic fact that left hemisphere brain damage can lead to immunological disorder in right-handed individual. Besides this, the person is also known to experience difficulty with various functions attributed to this side of the brain, including speaking, writing, memorizing, and analyzing.

All these functions and characteristic traits of the left brain help people excel in fields requiring analytical skills. These include law, accounting, engineering, etc.