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Excretory System Facts

Excretory System Facts

If you have had any doubts regarding the excretory system, then reading this article will surely clear all your doubts. Learn some amazing and important things about the excretory system which you never knew...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017
Have you ever wondered why you use the restroom, why you eliminate that yellow liquid, how does the body convert all that food into urine and how does your urinal system work? Most of the people reading this article will find it a little yucky, but that doesn't mean reading it is not important. It's a good to know the basic things about your body, and today we are going to enlist some excretory system facts and also learn something about it.

All the food that you consume is used by the body to convert it into nutrients so that your body can function properly. The human body doesn't absorb each and everything you consume, it takes what is required and then waste products are left behind in the blood and bowels for elimination. The excretory system of your body is made up of the two kidneys, the bladder, two ureters, two sphincter muscles and the urethra. The excretory system does most of the work with the help of the lungs, skin and intestines; all of these help excrete waste from the body, and also maintain the food and water balance in the human body. The urinary system, especially, eliminates a type of waste called urea from the body. Urea is formed when a person consumes meat, some greens and alcoholic drinks.

How Does your Excretory System Function

Before listing out some facts about excretory system, how about we see how the urinary system of a body works. As I've said before, your body doesn't use everything that you eat, most of that foods and liquids get filtered out from your bloodstream as urine. If the blood didn't filter out the waste, you'd probably get very sick. The kidneys make sure the blood in the body is just the right combination, it's not to thick or too thin, or not too overloaded with vitamins and minerals or excess waste. Your body's kidneys contain millions of filters which do the job of purifying your blood infinite number of times. Approximately 180 liters of blood runs through these filters constantly for purification. The kidneys remove all not required materials by the process of filtration, re-absorption and secretion. The waste is formed and is collected in the center of the kidneys and moves down to the ureters to the bladder. The waste is stored in the bladder for a little while and then eliminated from the body.

Interesting Facts about the Human Excretory System

Now that you know how your excretory system works and the important organs which helps in the process of digesting and filtering your food, let's learn some amazing excretory system facts.
  • Besides taking out trash from your body, you kidneys also help balances the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat content in the blood, so that your body can perform all regular tasks very easily.
  • The excretory system is attached to the digestive system to provide a passage for the release of chemicals which the body doesn't need. Various organs help the body dispose of the waste foods safely in your right and left kidneys.
  • The body throws out almost 1.5 quarts of urine every day. Urine contains all the vitamins, minerals and liquids that the body didn't require.
  • The human bladder is as big as an average human brain.
  • The liver produces almost 6,500 oz of bile in a person's lifetime.
  • Roughly a person urinates 7,850,000,000,000 gallons of fluid in his/her lifetime.
  • We have two kidneys, in which the left one is always higher than the right one.
  • One of the most interesting facts about the excretory system is that the human bladder can hold up to 400 ml of urine.
  • The skin is also considered a part of the excretory system because by removing sweat it helps eliminate various toxins from the body.
  • Urine is often diluted and poured in potted plants in gardens because urine contains considerable amounts of urea which serves as a wonderful source of nitrogen for plants.
So this was all about excretory system facts. You can consider the excretory system a sewage system that helps get rid of all the waste of the body. It also gets rid of many harmful natural gases which keep building inside the body which if not released can prove quite harmful.