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Deltoid Muscle

Deltoid Muscle

If you happen to go to a gym, you may hear about deltoid muscle exercises. You may wonder what is the deltoid muscle and where is it located? In this write up, we will understand all about the deltoid muscle. Read on ...
Bhakti Satalkar
The human body is made of a number of complex systems. There are a number of muscles and fibers along with the bone structure, which complete the human body system. Muscles located in different parts of the body have varied functions. The deltoid is a muscle located in the shoulder. Scroll down to know more about this muscle.

What is a Deltoid Muscle?

When you take a look at the anatomy of the shoulder, one of the important muscles is the deltoid muscle. It was previously called deltoideus. This name is often used even today by a few anatomists. It is named so, as it resembles the Greek alphabet 'Delta'. In other words, the shape of the muscle is triangular. The muscle is made up of three distinctly visible ends. The scapula is where the posterior deltoid originates, and the anterior along with the lateral deltoid connect with the collarbone. The third end attaches itself to the arm-bone resulting in the triangular shape. The rotator cuff is the supporting structure, which connects the arm to the shoulder joint and helps in movement of the arm. It is this muscle, where the intramuscular injections and vaccines are administered. However, it is important to note that deltoid muscle injections are used only for giving small volumes of dose. The standard dose size is 0.5ml and not more than 1.0ml. The injection is administered at the center of the muscle.

If you look at the shoulders, you will find that it has a round shape. The muscle which is responsible for making the shoulders look round is the deltoid muscle. The function of this muscle is to help in abduction of the shoulder joint, along with rotation of the arm. While rotating the arm outward, the deltoids are used. In most gym workouts, you will find that the most commonly trained muscle is the deltoid muscle. Deltoid workout often consists of a number of different exercises, which target this muscle in particular. They include variations of shoulder press. If a person has well-defined, muscular structure, then the deltoid muscle will be visible. Well, coming to the exact location of this muscle; it starts around the shoulders and ends on the upper arm.

Deltoid Muscle Strain

The first sign of deltoid muscle pain is sudden pain at the back of the shoulder joint. The person will experience pain while lifting the arm(s) from the side out towards the back. There will be pain when the arm is lifted sideways as well. At the same time, the person will find it difficult to keep the arm straight. In case of deltoid muscle tear, there will be tenderness and swelling. There are different grades that classify the cause of muscle strain. Depending on the severity of the strain, the condition will change. Tightness in the muscle, sudden twinges, pain on pressing the muscles, etc., are some of the symptoms which will be seen.

When the person suffers from pain in the deltoid region, applying ice proves to be helpful. However, the ice should be covered in an ice bag to avoid ice burns. Stretching the shoulder joint will also help in relieving the condition. Massaging the affected area can also prove to be useful. Hot compresses can also be used for treating deltoid muscle strain. Along with these, resting the muscle as much as possible is also recommended.

If the pain is unbearable or lasts for an extended period of time, then it is best to consult a health care professional regarding the same. In severe cases, physical therapy may be required to get rid of the condition.