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Organs of Human Body

Mukta Gaikwad Oct 9, 2018
Human body is a complex machine and an example of unique design. Let us learn about the organs of our body to know ourselves better.
Hello everybody! I am Jack, the human body of a 25 year old man. Having shared a very close relationship with the boy, I can surely say that he has taken good care of me. As a healthy body, let me take this opportunity to introduce all the members of my system, who you know as organs of the human body. They are responsible for making me who I am.
At this point, I am in slight confusion of where I should begin from. But as Mr. Brain has made the decision for me and so I shall begin with his introduction.

Mr. Brain

Being vertebrate in nature, Mr. Brain is the leader of the nervous system. The nervous system has nothing to do with the English meaning of the word 'nervous'. In fact Mr. Brain is the member accountable for welfare of the boy.
It is he who activates muscles and secretes chemicals to respond to a stimuli, and most importantly, ensures the ability to think. Many have tried to understand the secrets of Mr. Brain's legacy, yet it remains a mystery. His office is located in the head within the security of the skull guards.

Miss Heart

The popular of them all is Miss Heart. The women-in-charge knows how to beat her drum to keep Jack alert about his anxiety levels. She collects all the de-oxygenated blood and pumps it through the right-ventricle.
The blood then goes to Mr. Lungs so that he can throw out the carbon dioxide and breath in oxygen. Heart has divided her office in the right and left ventricle for ease of operations. A unique design of her office has brought about systematic circulation of blood in all other human organs too.

Mr. Lungs

Mr. Lungs and Miss Heart are significantly interdependent on each other. He mainly transports the atmospheric oxygen to the blood and gives out carbon- dioxide.
Other than that, he filters out the tiny blood clots that are there in the veins, maintains the pH level, and is a shock-absorber for Heart. Let me take a moment here, to show my heartfelt gratitude to Jack for treating Mr. Lungs with regular exercise and healthy dietary intake.

The Big Stomach

Stomach looks like a bag. Hence we all fondly call him the Bag. Again, thanks to Jack, that Bag has something to brag about! Jack's healthy diet has been an advantage for Bag.
It becomes easy for him to break down the food after churning it. Bag lives between the esophagus and duodenum, in the left abdominal cavity. He only holds 1.5 liters of food, so don't stuff in more, the next time you are stuffed!

Miss Eyes

'Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see!' Oops..couldn't help singing. Her lovely shade of chocolate brown and the deep vision is an eye-catcher.
The rods, cones, and retina departments work in tandem to bring out the picture in front of Jack. The skin on her protects her from excessive sunlight, and it opens its shutter when its dark.
These are some of the members or the internal organs of the human body. We all work together to help Jack perform the best in daily activities, and above all, the best on his special days. The reason why we are working together is because he has helped us develop in an unhindered manner.
Regular exercise, healthy food, and adequate sleep has helped us tremendously. There is a list of human body organs which I haven't mentioned, because my time's running out. I shall tell you about them, if you return to ask for more. Goodbye till I see you again, take care!