Left Brain Characteristics

The left brain or the left hemisphere of the brain is associated with some unique characteristics.Keep reading to find them out.
Bodytomy Staff
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018
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The human brain is one of the most complex, yet amazing organs, that controls and coordinates all bodily activities.
The human brain is separated into two hemispheres by the longitudinal fissure. One of the unique features of this organ is that, its right hemisphere controls the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere is responsible for controlling the right side of the body.
Scientific studies have revealed that though both the sides of the brain look almost identical, they process information differently. Usually, the right brain is considered the center for creative and intuitive thinking, while the left brain is concerned with logical and rational thinking.
Studies have also pointed out that individuals usually have a preference for one of these specific style of thinking, which is determined by which side of the brain (right or the left) is dominant. The influence of the less dominant side of the brain, on the other hand, can get overshadowed many times.
Characteristics of the Left Brain
Our left brain is the center for reading, writing, speech, language, and memory. It is the analytical part of our brain that helps us think logically and rationally.
► It processes information linearly and sequentially. In other words, it takes each part or piece of information, and processes it linearly and sequentially in a systematic manner, in order to solve a problem or come to a conclusion. The ability to process information sequentially makes the left-brained people good list makers and planners.
► The left brain functions logically, i.e., its way of processing information is logical. This enables the left-brained people to make decisions based on logic or established facts and a detailed analysis of the information, rather than emotion and intuition. Such individuals usually complete tasks methodically in a well-planned manner.
► As left-brained people rely on established facts and information for decision-making, they may become skeptical towards anything new, be it a new idea, innovation, or a work schedule.
► The left brain can process symbols, like letters, words, and mathematical notations in a better way. As it is the center for memorization, left-brained people can have an excellent ability to memorize things.
► The left brain is also good at responding to verbal instructions. It is the region for language, speech, and hearing. So, left-brained people are usually good at expressing themselves in words, and they like to talk and write.
► The left hemisphere of the brain processes information based on reality, rather than unrealistic imaginations. Basically, this part of the brain deals with things and situations as they are in reality, and makes decisions or solves problems accordingly.
► When it comes to the environment, the left hemisphere of the brain tries to adjust to it and not change it, as it follows the established rules. In the absence of rules, left-brained people tend to make their own set of rules.
So, our left brain is the part that enables us to adopt a realistic and logical approach, and make decisions on the basis of established facts and information. Logical thinking enables us to solve problems or draw conclusions rationally and analytically, rather than relying on sheer intuition.
However, this does not mean that the left brain or the left-brained people are superior to the right brain or the right-brained people. Both the sides of the brain complement each other, and we cannot do without one or the other. While the left brain makes us adopt a realistic approach towards a problem, right brain is the center of creativity and emotions.
It is the right brain that makes us think in a different way, and develop new ideas or innovate. So, for the development of a balanced personality, both the sides of the brain are equally important.