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Human Nose Shapes

Naomi Sarah Apr 7, 2019
Human nose shapes are something we tend to look at quite critically, since the shapes can either be the perfect kind or the sort you'd have no idea how to gauge from its odd appearance. Learn about the different names given to these name shapes, and how to tell one apart from the other.
Ever look at a nose and wonder how people walked around with such awkward looking nose structures on them? Or envy someone who has the perfect nose slant and tilt that you often wondered if they got a nose job done? Human nose shapes are varied and one-of-a-kind among nations, where spotting one that looks like yours could be easy or hard to find.
A lot of us hate the way our noses form and dip, but there's nothing you can do about it since your sniffer is hereditary, with only your parents to blame if you dislike what you see. There are different kinds of nose shapes that we can identify with the world over, forming a type that each one of us is born with.

Types of Human Nose Shapes

The anatomy of the nose is appealing, where we have two main openings that take in air to our lungs with oxygen being our primary source in order to breathe, while releasing carbon dioxide as we exhale.
There's a whole lot more to our noses than we can possibly imagine, where our bodies work out the most complicated of functions, so complex and over-the-top that we'd have to be doctors in order to appreciate how much work our systems do for us. Getting back to the topic at hand - noses, let's now take a look at the different types that fall under this.

Greek Nose

This is probably the perfect nose shape from the lot, seeing that it is straight, flawless and doesn't come with odd bumps and depressions. The name of this kind of nose gets its title from the Greek people, who are known for their well cut features and nicely shaped noses.

Nubian Nose

The nose starts out straight, narrowing as it begins, slightly widening as it opens up into the bottom portion of one's nostrils, where this last part widens prominently. The nose is given its classic name because of the people of Sudan who've been known to have noses that fall under this very category.

Hawk Nose

We've all seen this one, with its protruding middle that curves in an inward fashion, making it look very hawk-like. These are generally thin and sharp as it peaks to the bottom. The name's roots I'm sure are quite obvious when heard, seeing that it does resemble the beak of a hawk.

Snub Nose

These noses are small, and sometimes come with a flattened top making it look 'snubby' in appearance. These noses are sometimes quite cutesy, being sometimes button-like in its appearance, often seen as an endearing feature in women.

Turned Up Nose

This kind of nose is a nice feature for those who happen to have it, being a smooth fall line from the eyes down, ending in a slight peaked tip that isn't too pointed but ends in a delicate outward curve.

Roman Nose

This nose is very much like that of the hawk kind, except that this nose is more hooked than curvy. These noses are slightly wider than the hawk's, giving it a very bulbous appearance. This is also known as the aquiline nose.
Noses both big and small, flat and pointed, or long and short are all uniquely separated with many of us finding our very own nose twins if we're ever that observational when it comes to people. Learn how to classify shapes just by looking at it, and find out what kind you are too.